Paulo Silva, 47 anos, adora ouvir música e trabalhar com ela.
Começou na arte do Djing em 1982 até 1985 nas festas de garagens.
Entrou também na onda do Djing nas Discotecas dos arredores de Cascais.
De 1984 a 1986 na Discoteca “Dancing”.
Durante o ano de 1986 esteve na discoteca “Peter Pan”.
A convite da Sociedade Recreativa 1º de Maio realizou festas musicais desde finais de 1986 até 1989.
Em termos de rádio, foi locutor na “Rádio A” em Tires entre 1984 e inicio de1985.
Em 1985 passou para a “Rádio Contraste” onde realizou, com o DJ Zeca (Zé Carlos) o programa “Ferro e Fogo”.



“No Outro Lado do FM” é um programa que nasce em 1988 pela mão de Miguel Simões, Carlos Didier e José Ataíde no FM do Rádio Clube de Cascais. Um projeto arrojado que, em termos musicais, ia ao encontro das preferências de um auditório variado, que tanto se identificava com o Pop/Rock dos anos 70/80, como estava atento à divulgação das novidades (importação) na maioria nunca antes rodadas em Portugal. Muitos dos que nos ouvem hoje se lembrarão não só do “tal” sucesso, mas também do programa de Rádio onde o ouviram pela primeira vez.
“No Outro Lado do FM” juntou, com muito sucesso, o talento à experiência, aproveitando e explorando as potencialidades de cada um dos locutores.
O trabalho de construção de Jingles, mixagens, remixagens e versões era uma constante, se bem que a informação enquanto notícia desempenhasse, também, um papel importante.
Com Paulo Silva desde 2013 – o mais recente membro da “banda”











Desde sempre foi ouvinte de rádio, principalmente, das rádios locais da Linha de Cascais.

Em 1992 iniciou a carreira de técnico de áudio e Disc-Jockey no Ruina Bar, no Estoril, onde fez o som de várias bandas emergentes do panorama Pop-Rock nacional.

Mais tarde, completa o curso profissional de audiovisuais.

Durante dois anos trabalhou em televisão, mudando-se depois para a música ao vivo e gravação musical.

Para além de free-lancer, foi técnico residente do Estúdio 1 Só Céu (dos Delfins) e técnico ao vivo de Delfins e Sara Tavares, entre muitas outras bandas Pop Rock.

Desde 2009 é o técnico responsável do Estúdio de Vídeo da Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia e Voz-Off corporativa da instituição.









Mark Doyle created Hed Kandi in 1997 and it was his choice of artwork, music and presentation that succeeded in distinguishing the brand from other house music labels. Mark had previously run the jazzfm compilation label and after much success was
asked to come up with a new concept that the listeners might relate to and purchase. Mark produced an album that he would want to buy, It had to have great music, stunning packaging and a unique look, it was here that Hed Kandi was born.

The idea of Jason Brooks “Kandi Girl” style artwork started with the release of Nu Cool 2 in 1999 (the first volume of Nu Cool were re-released with new artwork). The designs were by British illustrator Jason Brooks whose work Mark had first seen On flyers for the Pushca club night. Mark stumbled across Jason’s contact details on his Work for Faberge’ and contacted him to ask if he would be interested in suppling images for the albums. Jason provided around 50 artwork designs for the brand until 2005 when they
both left to join Mark Doyle’s new company.

Hed Kandi had its own radio show which was broadcast late night/early morning on radio station JazzFM for the first 3 years. Mark Doyle presented each show and presented a mix of funky house, chillout and guest interviews. The Show was taken on by the Galaxy network and quickly moved from a late night show to a prime time slot at 9pm on Friday.Mark presented all the shows
for nearly 6 years.

Another key element of the Hed Kandi experience were the many branded parties that Commenced with a hugely popular night at Rouge in London/ The parties were soon appearing worldwide and Mark recruited a team of DJ’s to help headline the events.
These DJ’s included Matt Collins, Mike Van Loon, Eric Kupper, Stonebridge, Hatty Lovehearts, Andy Norman, John Jones & Craig McGivern. The events became even more popular after Mark
chose EL Divino to host their amazingly successful weekly party in Ibiza.

While at Hed Kandi Mark also created and compiled a number of other labels which had a style of their own.

The Base Ibiza series consisted of a mix of house music that was popular at Hed Kandi parties held
at The Base Bar in Ibiza And Es Vive, a plush hotel in Ibiza from where the compilation takes its name, which provided the backdrop as a companion compilation to Base Bar, and which was primarily chilled and downtempo house. In 2005 boththese compilations were released as one 3CD set as opposed to the usual
separate releases that had gone before (Mark Doyle’s new music label Fierce Angel took over the release of Es Vive compilations from 2006.)

The Acid Lounge series was compiled by Mark & mixed 45 Dip and consisted of music ranging from chill to acid-trip lounge house and included a ltd edition comic.

The Stereo Sushi series was a collection of deep soulful house and was themed around an anime Japanese Idea. This series was very successful and mark compiled 7 releases in this series.

Mark also successfully picked a number of club and chart hits from artist projects he signed to the label. The first artist projects
included albums from Afterlife, 45 Dip and Anthea plus singles from Lazy Grace & Fuel.The label enjoyed huge success with the Stonebridge album project which produced two top 10 singles and another top 30 single. Mark also signed Peyton, LNM Project, Late Night Alumni And Solu Music Feat Kimblee.

During the last two years of Mark’s time at Hed Kandi the entire Jazzfm company was purchased by GMG radio and Hed Kandi was included as part of this deal. Since the creation of Hed Kandi Mark had been an employee of Jazz FM, contrary to many opinions Mark never actually owned any part of Hed Kandi and it was mainly due to this that Mark decided to leave in June 2005.

Mark was solely responsible for the creation of Hed Kandi while working for Jazzfm .He presented the radio show, compiled the albums, planned the marketing and art directed the covers. Mark’s last compilation for Hed Kandi was HEDK049 Beach House. He left Hed Kandi in June 2005 to set up his own completely independent record label.

In July 2005 Mark launched TOKYO PROJECT alongside some of the original members of his team at Hed Kandi and the Illustrator Jason Broooks. The period June 2005 – February 2006 was a very difficult time for the new company. Immediately after his departure Hed Kandi launched a prolonged legal action contesting the new labels right to use Jason Brooks art. The entire case was covered in depth on a variety of legal sites a quick search of the internet will turn up all the details for those interested. Although Mark successfully fought the court case it left the label in a difficult financial position. Tokyo Project was then beset with further funding problems and the label had to be closed in February 2006.

It was shortly after the legal case concluded that GMG decided to sell Hed Kandi and negotiated a deal with Ministry Of Sound.

Although Mark had endured 9 months of legal wrangles and a variety of problems he decided to move forward with a new label concept and secured a new deal with UK label All Around The World. Instead of taking on any investors Mark remortgaged his house and launched the new label as a completely self funded project.

In May 2006 Mark launched Fierce Angel Records & Fierce Angel Events. Once again he was joined by Jason Brooks who supplied the artwork for the first 9 releases. The office team was further strengthened by Marks fiancee’ Kate Penny who manages marketing and PR, Nadia Rifaat who manages all the Fierce Angel Events and Dave Armstrong who produces the Fierce Angel radio show.

Fierce Angel releases so far include Beach Angel, Tokyo Disco, Es Vive, Fierce Angel, Angels Fall, Fierce Disco and Digital Angel. The label is also working with a number of artists including Peyton, The Bassmonkeys, Naomi Marsh, Robina, Belle Erskine, The Elek-Tro Junkies, Club 4 Life and Rita Campbell. The first release was the stunning club hit “The Answer” which reached number 2 in the club charts in 2007.

Fierce Angel also secured residencies at some of the finest UK clubs and Mark was joined by a new team of DJ’s that consisted of a number of old friends including Eric Kupper, Mike Van Loon, Hatty Lovehearts, Matt Collins, Steve Simpson, Luis Madureira, Dave Armstrong, Iain Thomson, Ben Santiago, Justin Wilkes & Craig James.

In July 2007 Jason Brooks ended his 9 year relationship with Mark and announced his decision to return to the now Ministry Of Sound owned Hed Kandi for an undisclosed sum. At this point Mark began the search for a new artwork direction for the brand . In November 2007 is was announced that UK illustrator and graphic designer Jason Cook would be joining the Fierce Angel Team.

Jason Jaroslav Cook trained at the University of Wolverhampton & London Guildhall University where he gained a 1st Class BA(hons) & A Master Of Arts with Distinction respectively. He has been working in London for the last 10 years and is also known as Jacey, Flatliner & Jaroslav. His previous clients include MTV, VH1, Mixmag, Virgin Airlines, Tatler, Motorola, Honda and The Guardian Guide.

Jason has been a keen clubber and bedroom DJ for years and says his inspiration for Fierce Angel was “to push Fierce Angel in a direction that is a million miles away from what has been done before. To give it a totally fresh new , sexy, naughty , twisted , provocative , high fashion look. Something for a more discerning clubber, Something that would not look out of place being in Vogue. The imagery will change but the focal point was to rebrand Fierce angel and give it a timeless logo, inspiration for this was classic perfume and watch logos…simple, timeless & confident.”

2008 saw Fierce Angel release 6 compilations and a samplers plus a number of artist projects. The radio show began broadcasting in over 20 countries on over 40 stations.

2009 has seen a new tie up with Fresh DJ’s to represent all their events worldwide. A Little Fierce III was released in February and Fierce Disco III will be released on March 30th.

Mark Says “It’s been an amazing ride so far and the bumps in the road have only made us stronger. I’m so pleased to have Jason Cook on board for the next exciting chapter in the story of Fierce Angel and would like the thank everyone for all their support over the last 10 years.”






Long associated with the legendary Defected Records, Sam Divine has come a long way since being a record shop employee having spent the last seven years being a key component to the White Isle’s party scene. Her travels have seen her tour throughout Europe as well as Brazil, Chile, Japan and Dominican Republic, with festival highlights including We Are FSTVL (UK) and Pacha Festival (The Netherlands) as well as securing a three year residency at Ushuaia, Ibiza. Without doubt one of the most popular and passionate DJs on the circuit, Sam Divine is a guaranteed floor-filler and party starter.

Divine’s DJ career initially kicked off when she won a DJ competition in Bristol which led to a club residency. Massively in to her soulful house she began working in record shops such as Chemical Records as a house buyer where she gained most of her music and industry knowledge. It was these moments where she realised her life and house music were inseparable. ‘The warehouse was underneath the offices’ she explains, ‘so I used to spend hours down there rummaging through the vinyls on my lunch break’.

After her first season in Ibiza during 2005 Sam decided to move to London, back then the heart of the country’s soulful house, in what she deems as the most important decision in her career. The following year she touched back down in Ibiza, her home for many summers to come, having earned her residencies at many of the islands hotspots.
It was in 2009 when Sam Divine was signed to Defected’s artist management where she then began warming up every week at Mambo for house legends such as Kenny Dope and Frankie Knuckles and also had her own weekly Defected show on Ibiza global radio. It wasn’t long before Divine transformed into an international sensation, playing all around the world in many of its greatest venues.

This year marks her third residency at Ushuaia in Ibiza and now with over a decade of DJ experience she still praises her favourite party as being the Defected Opening Party at Ushuaia in 2011. ‘I’ve always supported Defected, it’s been my sound from day one and I’m so honored and grateful to be part of the House music legacy they’ve created.’

Divine’s sets are a blend of Deep ,Vocal and Balearic house and with a solid experienced understanding of the entire house genre guarantees tasteful and exciting performances and this year sees her playing alongside Sandy Rivera, Noir, Dennis Ferrer, Joris Voorn, Pirupa, Flashmob, Supernova, Maxxi Soundsystem, Osunlade, David Morales, Dimitri From Paris, Copyright and many more.

In addition to a booming DJ career, Sam is also an ambassador for Breast Cancer Research thanks to her annual charity night La Vita of which 25 female DJs helped to launch. This year marks La Vita’s 6th birthday in Ibiza and London, and so far its success has helped to raise over £27,000.
In an industry where many artists are praised for their efforts and determination Sam Divine shines brightly as a true example of diligence. She is the personification of someone who genuinely possesses such traits and this is evident in her countless achievements in such a short time span. Her unrivalled work ethic is displayed through her animated and dexterous DJ sets of which continue to build her an ever growing loyal fan base. She is in our eyes an icon for inspiration of what you can achieve if you pour your heart into something you adore.







Estado de Sitio


Dj Nuno Lopez começou a sua carreira com 17/18 anos, a passar musica dos anos 80/90´s em algumas discotecas no Algarve, Conta com várias formações a nivel de Radio, cursos na Radio Cidade/Ocidente para locução e animação Rádio, Participou activamente no projecto de arranque da Rádio escolar, quer a nivel de locução quer como Dj.

Após concluir os estudos, Dj Nuno Lopez dedicou-se a outro tipo de projectos como electronica e telecomunicções, sem nunca ter perdido o bichino da musica.

Dedicou-se a festas privadas, assim como produção musical(remixes) (ocasionalmente).

Foi em 2011, que decidiu voltar ás Cabines e á Radio, começou por enviar uns Set´s para uma rádio online “Remember FM”, a dai surgiram os primeiros convites como Dj,

Dj N.Lopez trabalha essencialmente com Vinyl e CD´s Originais.

Aqui ficam algumas Casas por Onde Passou como Guest Dj. (Attic Bar, Bombar Sintra, Unikus Bar, TaJ Club..entre outros).

Podem escutar alguns Set´s Clicando no Menu, assim como algumas Remixes.

A música é um elemento fundamental para os clientes celebrarem e divertirem-se. Afinal, ela será o factor que reunião familiares, amigos e toda a gente na pista de dança. Por isso, é de extrema importância que o condutor da música saiba criar uma lista sonora divertida e especial. Este trabalho pode ser realizado com primazia pelo Dj Nuno Lopez.

Serviços que oferece:

O Dj Nuno Lopez oferece  uma apresentação musical que será recordada como um dos espectáculos e experiências mais divertidas já vivenciados. O profissional buscará em seu set de músicas dos anos 70/80/90 e actualidade o melhor de cada época. Dispõe de equipamentos próprios, desenvolvidos por marcas de respeito e admiração.

Dj Nuno Lopez está situado em Lisboa. Ficou interessado pelo serviço ? Então é simples: escreva uma simples mensagem de texto e aguarde pela resposta do profissional. Ela chegará rapidamente e conterá todos os detalhes que forem necessários para  o método de trabalho proposto. Por isso, não deixe para depois, escreva agora mesmo!

Ler mais: http://dj-nuno-lopez-oficial-website.webnode.pt/sobre-nos/